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Severed Heads

by Kneel Before Todd
Summary:  On the trail of a vampire coven, the Harvelles and the Winchesters converge in the backwoods of Eureka, MT. Jo's happy to see Sam, her new "on-loan" brother, but Dean... There's some history you don't want to mess with. Dean/Jo, lots of blood and fun.
Severed Heads

This.  A fic hasn't made me laugh this hard in a long time. :)

Dear Jo-haters:

First of all, FU. You guys seem to be especially prevalent on youtube right now. Listen up, you DO NOT need to say over and f*cking over that you HATED JO and that you especially DESPISED Dean/Jo... people read it the first time, k? Don't go "well i've always loathed Jo and wanted her to die and i'm not sorry at all to see her go... no offense to those who like her tho." WTF? How could that not possibly be offensive? Don't bother saying sorry. You can stick it up your *ss.

God, I need to take a serious break from this fandom...

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