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Fic Rec

Close Your Eyes and Pretend
by brin_bailey 
Summary:  She laughs and he pulls her a little bit closer and she settles back against his chest and breathes in the smell of him: gasoline and gun oil and sweat.

Vote for BEST CW KISS!!

Okay, all you Dean/Jo fans out there, listen up!  Our ship is up for the BEST KISS Award at the CW Sourcies!  PLEASE GO VOTE!  

Right now they're in second place, losing to Nathan/Haley of One Tree Hill. :P  Our kiss was far more EPIC!  Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote!!


Beautiful Post-Season 5 Fic

The Future's Open Wide
by anr 
Summary:  The end's beginning.  Dean/Jo,  Dean/Lisa 

New(ish) Vid

I'd like to thank deansmistress22  and her fabulous recs for putting me on a Jo & Ellen youtube kick!!  Let the Harvelle lurv live!

Say When by Elphiyero10


Excellent Post-5x10 Fic

I may be a little behind the times, since this wonderful story has been around since November, but for anyone not yet following this fic I promise you won't be disappointed!

Dominus Tecum
by Enchantable
Summary:  Forced to find another vessel, Michael the Archangel teams up with the brothers to find a way to stop Death and kill Lucifer. A job that would be much easier without Gabriel's comments and Dean's growing feelings for Jo Harvelle, the vessel he inhabits.

My Skin (vid rec)

Vid by ErasedMinds
Song is My Skin by Natalie Merchant


Late Goodbye (vid rec)

Unsure as to why, but tonight I feel a revived loving of Dean/Jo.  Haven't felt this way since last November. :)  

This is an excellent vid by IIAngelofAnarchyII, portraying a pretty awesome AU for our fave ship.  Submitted for the EPIC AU SUPERNATURAL CONTEST. 

Summary : Caught in the war between Heaven and Hell, he didn't expect to find love on the way ....
Song by Poets of the Fall. 

Cookie from PB9...

by saavikam77 
Summary:  Dean can't help but dream about how it might have been if she'd lived. If she would've ever said yes to him. If he would've even asked her again. Well, come on to her, more like, but who's counting, anyway?